Lens Implant Technology Has Revolutionized Refractive Surgery

Dr. Cavanaugh is one of the leading premium lens implanting surgeons

Cavanaugh Eye Center is proud to offer an impressive selection of lens supplement and replacement options, including revolutionary ReSTOR, Crystalens, and Trulign premium multifocal implants. If you are interested in learning more about refractive lens implants and how they can help to restore your visual acuity, please contact Cavanaugh Eye Center today.

Lens Implants Can Permanently Restore Your Vision

Not a candidate for LASIK? This section will give you a brief introduction to other options for refractive surgery including refractive lens exchange and implantable contact lenses including options for patients with presbyopia (loss of reading vision after age 40).

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

RLE is a totally elective procedure done to decrease the need for glasses, while also eliminating existing early cataracts.  The procedure is similar to cataract surgery, but cataract surgery is done for medical reasons such as blurred vision, glare, or seeing halos. The RLE procedure is advantageous to those over 45 that may have the early starts of cataracts or are not ideal LASIK candidates.

Cataract & RLE Lens Implant Options

Whether you are considering cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange (RLE). There are several different lens implant options to suite your needs. This section will discuss all of the options available to you.

Staar Visian Implantable Contact Lens

Staar Visian ICL has a proven track record of providing excellent quality of vision. When compared to other surgical vision correction procedures, the Visian ICL may deliver sharper vision and higher patient satisfaction, especially for patients with harder to treat prescriptions. The immediate improvement of vision quality and the remarkably short and painless recovery makes the Visian ICL the procedure of choice for many patients. Click "more info" to read further about the Visian ICL experience.

Co-Management with Your Eye Doctor

If you would like to keep your pre and post-operative care close to home, Cavanaugh Eye Center works with highly qualified eye doctors in your area. This process is called co-management and may be an excellent choice for you.

Financing Your Refractive Implant Surgery

Whether you are considering RLE or Staar ICL, implants are a long-term investment in your eyesight. Cavanaugh Eye Center has several different payment options to assist you in obtaining visual freedom from glasses or contacts.

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