LASIK has Come a Long Way

Cavanaugh Eye Center wants you to be comfortable with all aspects of the LASIK process

Cavanaugh Eye Center believes the decision to have refractive surgery should be an exciting and educational process. We want our patients to be comfortable with the LASIK process from the initial consultation to post-operative care visits. We invite you to explore the comprehensive information on LASIK provided below to help you familiarize yourself with LASIK, Cavanaugh Eye Center, and Dr. Cavanaugh. If you have further questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

LASIK & Dr. Cavanaugh

Dr. Cavanaugh is committed to providing LASIK patients with superior results. This section provides you with information regarding Dr. Cavanaugh's LASIK experience, basics regarding how LASIK works, and how we determine whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

Zyoptix Custom Wavefront LASIK

Zyoptix Custom Wavefront LASIK is the most advanced laser technology available. This laser treatment is based upon the unique visual characteristics of your eye. Up until now, with glasses, contacts and conventional LASIK surgery, corrections were quite similar for each type of prescription. We are now able to customize your laser treatment to match the unique characteristics of your indivicual eyes.

Why Choose Cavanaugh Eye Center for LASIK?

At Cavanaugh Eye Center, we take a very personalized approach to our refractive surgery patients. Cavanaugh Eye Center provides our patients with an exceptional surgeon, personal care and attention, unsurpassed diagnostic and laser techniques in a one of a kind laser suite. The bottom line is that every patient should trust and  feel comfortable with the Laser Center environment and with their choice of surgeon.

Not a LASIK Candidate? - Refractive Alternatives

In cases where patients are not considered appropriate candidates for LASIK, Dr. Cavanaugh will discuss alternative treatment options that can help restore vision and eye health. These options may include PRK, RLE, and implantable contact lenses.

Astigmatism Correction Options

Astigmatism occurs in the cornea (front clear window to the eye) or lens (focusing structure behind the colored part of your eye). Astigmatism causes your vision to be blurry. Fortunately, high amounts of astigmatism can now be treated with LASIK, small incisions, or lens implants.

Financing Your LASIK Procedure

LASIK is a long-term investment in your eyesight. Cavanaugh Eye Center has several different payment options to assist you in obtaining visual freedom from glasses or contacts.

Your LASIK Experience

The process of correcting your vision with LASIK begins with an in-depth consultation. Next, a series of diagnostic tests are performed to determine the extent of your treatment. The surgery itself is relatively brief. We will conduct follow-up exams beginning the next day after treatment to monitor your healing and quality of vision. Medications and specific restrictions and guidelines will help you to achieve the best possible results.

Co-Management with Your Eye Doctor

If you would like to keep your pre and post-operative care close to home, Cavanaugh Eye Center works with highly qualified eye doctors in your area. This process is called co-management and may be an excellent choice for you.


We invite you to explore this list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding LASIK surgery. The better you understand this procedure, the better equipped you can be to decide whether to undergo LASIK. Any further questions you may have about this procedure will be answered during your initial consultation.

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