Co-Management with Your Eye Doctor

Keep your pre- and post-operative care close to home

Co-management is an arrangement between your primary eye doctor and your surgeon to work together to provide surgery as well as pre- and post-operative care. Sometimes it is more convenient for you to see your local eye doctor rather than travel to Cavanaugh Eye Center for your non-surgical care thus we have helped train hundreds of regional Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to provide expert management of LASIK both pre- and post-op. You are the one who chooses whether you want your care co-managed.  If you choose to have your regular eye doctor perform your pre- and post-op care, you have the option to see your surgeon any time you feel concerned or feel that it is necessary.  If you choose co-management, your regular eye doctor will examine your eyes after surgery and send your post-op report to Dr. Cavanaugh to review. If there are any concerns, we may ask to see you ourselves. Your doctor will receive a portion of your surgery fee for the care that he or she provides. Your total surgical fee will not change.
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