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Dr. Cavanaugh has helped thousands of patients achieve visual freedom from glasses or contacts with a variety of treatment options

Individuals over the age of 40 have unique vision needs. Every patient is different and that is why Cavanaugh Eye Center has experience and access to the latest technology. One size does not fit all when treating patients over 40. Dr. Cavanaugh's advanced corneal training and involvement in research can give you confidence in your procedure and management plan. We invite you to learn more about how Cavanaugh Eye Center can help you experience the best possible vision beyond age 40.

Why is My Reading Vision Failing?

This section will provide you with a brief description of the aging eye and how this impacts your vision.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)

RLE is a totally elective procedure done to decrease the need for glasses, while also eliminating existing early cataracts.  The procedure is similar to cataract surgery, but cataract surgery is done for medical reasons such as blurred vision, glare, or seeing halos. The RLE procedure is advantageous to those over 45 that may have the early starts of cataracts or are not ideal LASIK candidates.

Premium Presbyopia Correcting Lens Implants

Cavanaugh Eye Center has a reputation as one of the leading centers for refractive surgery and other procedures to help patients achieve freedom from glasses. There has been an explosion in lens implant technology recently which allows us to select a lens customized to each individual's lifestyle, hobbies, and visual demands so that excellent vision without glasses in achievable for all visual tasks; distance , intermediate, and near.

NearVision CK®

NearVision CK® is a relatively new procedure that uses radio waves to shrink collagen tissue within the cornea treating low to moderate farsightedness and presbyopia and bring near vision back in focus.

LASIK Laser Vision Correction

This section answers the question "I thought LASIK couldn't help you see at near?" and also discuss common LASIK treatment options for the presbyopic eye.

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