LASIK Laser Vision Correction

Many patients at Cavanaugh Eye Center choose LASIK to help them with their near vision difficulties

I Thought LASIK Couldn't Help You See at Near...

This is not true. As a matter of fact, many patients at Cavanaugh Eye Center have LASIK to improve their distance AND near vision. LASIK does not keep your eyes from aging which is the underlying cause for presbyopia (loss of natural focusing ability over the age of 40). However, LASIK can offer you a small amount of near-sighted correction and this will help you achieve functional vision for things such as your cell phone, computer, and light reading. Patients over 40 who have the LASIK procedure for vision correction typically choose a "blended" or monovision treatment plan.

What is "Blended" Vision?

Blended vision occurs when your dominant eye is focused for distance and your non-dominant eye is focused for intermediate / near. This may be different from other forms of "monovision" you may have tried. Unlike blended vision, full monovision correction leaves a patient optimally corrected for distance in their dominant eye, but fully corrected for near in their non-dominant eye. This can lead to patients feeling "lop-sided" or uneven and can even affect your depth perception.

Blended vision is a slight off-set. With both eyes open, most patients do not notice their blended vision and are able to achieve functional vision at distance, intermediate, and near. Blended vision patients often maintain their depth perception and are able to appreciate a wide range of vision without feeling unbalanced between the eyes.

Other options you have for treating your near vision difficulties include: refractive lens exchange (RLE)NearVision CK, or  cataract surgery.

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