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Dr. Timothy B. Cavanaugh is one of the top premium lens implanting surgeons in the United States

Premium presbyopia correcting lens implants give patients the best chance for freedom from glasses. These premium options are detailed below. A full list of options (including standard/monofocal lens implants) can be found by clicking here.

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Intraocular lens implants now can correct for presbyopia, the age-related condition that interferes with the ability to focus on close objects. These new multi-focal lenses are designed to provide a full range of vision, including distance, intermediate and near vision. Patients experience dramatic results with these implants, with most finding freedom from all glasses more than 85% of the time. Patients read standard print without glasses in all but the most extreme lighting conditions.

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Multi-Focus (Presbyopic Correcting) IOLs

Multi-Focus lenses are the implants of choice for patients wanting the greatest freedom from glasses for a full range of vision—so they can see distance and near objects simultaneously quite well in both eyes without glasses, in most cases.  For this group of patients, these implants can be the best investment they ever make.
The two classes of Presbyopic Lens Implants available are:
Multifocal Lens Implants
The ReSTOR and Tecnis multifocal IOLs have a small trifocal built into the implant optic that allows for clear vision at all distances.  Unlike bifocal glasses, you do not have to move your head to see through the different zones or lines of correction. These IOLs provide useful vision at all distances and the most independence from glasses. The main side effects of these IOLs are temporary halos seen around lights (such as headlights) at night due to a reflection off of the multifocal circles on the IOL. These halos do not prevent you from driving at night and usually dissipate and improve after 90 to 180 days. We typically achieve 80-85% complete spectacle independence with these IOLs but reading glasses may be needed for extremely small print or to read in dim light situations. Dr. Cavanaugh will help you select the lens that best suits your visual needs.
Crystalens “Accommodating” Lens Implant
The Crystalens is a uniquely designed lens implant that provides dynamic focus for “accommodation.”  This lens implant mimics the movement of the younger, natural human lens by using the eye’s own focusing muscles to flex the lens.  Compared to multifocal lenses, the Crystalens has less halo side effect and provides excellent focus for distance as well as intermediate or computer distance.  Small print at near is more difficult to achieve with this lens and is variable depending on the strength of your focusing muscles.  Crystalens IOL patients should avoid excessive reading for the first 2 weeks after surgery to allow the IOL to set properly.  Reading glasses of +1.00 or higher should be used during this time.
The new Crystalens Trulign is the first IOL that is engineered to correct both astigmatism and presbyopia (reading vision).  It incorporates a Toric astigmatism correcting optic into the flexible platform of the Crystalens to achieve simultaneous correction of both problems.  This revolutionary lens allows patients with higher levels of astigmatism to gain more independence from both distance and reading glasses.

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