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Presbyopia is the stiffening of the lens that occurs as we reach middle age, effecting the eye's ability to focus on close objects. A new technique called Conductive Keratoplasty or "CK" treats this condition with radio frequency. This noninvasive procedure tightens collagen along the edges of the cornea to increase depth of focus -- typically in just one eye. This painless, outpatient process takes just 3-5 minutes in the doctor's office and results in the ability to read without glasses.

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Dr. Cavanaugh: One of the things in this driving research in Ophthalmology is Presbyopia, and Presbyopia is the aging of the human lens so that the lens get stiff over time as we get older and we can no longer read, so we need a longer arms or reading glasses to help with that. As the baby boomer population grows, and there's millions and millions of people that are turning 50 and 60 years old and beyond, it's certainly driving a lot of the research on how do we correct these folks; how do we get them to where they can keep reading as they age. One of the techniques, that's not as mainstream as Lasiks, but it does help with that, is something called Near Vision CK or Conductive Keratoplasty. It's very different; it works with radio frequency rather than with laser, and what it does is, we apply 8 to 16 little spots around the edge of the cornea, so nothing done over the pupil, so it's very safe. That tightens the collagen in the cornea and creates a bifocal effect in the cornea, allowing to have a greater depth of focus so patients can read. Typically, only one eye is done to get one eye perfect for distance; the CK eye brings the vision in better; a little drop in the distance in that one eye, but a very tolerable difference in between the two, and it just creates that depth of focus to get people less dependent on reading glasses, so it's one of the most non- invasive things that we do. It takes about three to five minutes to do in the office with just a numbing drop in the eye, and it's typically very painless to do as well. It really is one of those, "Hey, pop in the office today; we'll treat your near vision and get it better almost immediately."

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