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Rev Thomas Curran had Crystalens implants after cataract surgery at Cavanaugh Eye Center. He said his life has changed dramatically since then, because he had never before experienced clear vision without wearing glasses. He highly recommends Cavanaugh Center, citing the care they take to ensure patients make informed decisions about treatment through full understanding of the procedures. He felt a high level of comfort due to the extraordinary competence demonstrated as well as the concern shown for him as an individual.

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Thomas: My name is Thomas Curren. I serve as the President of Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri. The procedure that I had completed on both eyes was the Crystal Lens Implant. I had some issues with my eyes. I had a tear in my retina. And there was also cataract, early cataract detected in the eyes. And so the procedure, first they had to address those issues, and then I was a prime candidate or suspect, I guess, for the Crystal Lens Implants. My life has changed dramatically because I never had great vision. Always had to wear glasses from early on. They were very, very concerned about you as an individual, so they very much want you to have a level of comfort about knowing what the procedure is, what are the inherent risks in that, what the likelihood of success, so that you have a full understanding of what it is that you're about to undergo. So I think the first thing they do is they're very, very good at creating a level of understanding, a level of comfort for you to make an informed decision. I'd highly recommend Cavanaugh Eye Center for several reasons. One, because they allow the patient to be fully informed about what it is that their condition is. What are the options? They give you a high level of comfort that they're extraordinarily competent, as well as that they're concerned about you as an individual.

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