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Intraocular lens implants now can correct for presbyopia, the age-related condition that interferes with the ability to focus on close objects. These new multi-focal lenses are designed to provide a full range of vision, including distance, intermediate and near vision. Patients experience dramatic results with these implants, with most finding freedom from all glasses more than 85% of the time. Patients read standard print without glasses in all but the most extreme lighting conditions.

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Dr. Cavanaugh: When you come in for a consultation, we're going to evaluate the eyes and determine what's going to be best for you and what your needs and desires are as far as eyeglass usage, etc. The bottom line is, the more freedom you want from glasses, the fancier the lens implants get. We now have tremendous lens implants called Presbyopic Correcting Lenses, that allow us to have a full range of vision. One of the most common ones that we use is the multi- focal lens. The multi-focal implant, this is a tecnis multi-focal, have small little bifocal circles built into the lens implant themselves. These little circles split the light for you into distance, intermediate and near so that a patient gets all three ranges of vision in both eyes, so with this, we're able to turn back the clock and have full range of vision. In fact, most people are free of all glasses about 85% of the time with these lens implants, which is the most dramatic that we've ever seen. Typically, if a patient needs some glasses, it may be for poor lighting conditions or ridiculously small print, but in general, you're going to have tremendous freedom from glasses. These implants have a small side effect because of the circles built into them. You will see a little bit of halo around car lights at night that lasts for the first 90 days and then tends to dissipate after that, so these are a great option for patients who really want that full range of vision. We have another option that we utilize for some patients; also for full range of vision, called The Crystal Lens, and this is very different. This is an implant that has a single vision optic that's a very high quality aspheric optic, but it has hinges built into the lens that allow it to flex and move inside the eye. This mimics what the younger human lens can do. As we age, the lens stiffens over time and that's really what Presbyopia is, so we can kind of turn back the clock a little bit again and it gives youth back to the lens, so for distance vision it reflects backwards, and then as your muscles push on the lens, it flexes forward to allow you to have a range of vision with some near vision as well.

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